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About Us

We are a group of education enthusiasts specialising in the sourcing of education materials and resources for pre-schoolers to post-secondary students. We represent reputable publishers and curriculum developers to bring quality education materials and resources to esteemed education centres so as to create an enriching education for pre-schoolers to post-secondary students. Based in Singapore, we have an extensive network internationally to provide holistic solutioning needs to enhance your education resource needs. 


Our Beliefs

We believe that the Singapore education system has a world class standard that is well received internationally. We are proud to provide an extensive range of resources as the leading online bookstore for Singapore’s books and education materials. Our consultants are passionate about learning by bringing together a good mix of education resources and pedagogical approaches to maximise learning in the classroom. We put people development at the core of our focus and constantly strive to make learning meaningful and practical for the students.  


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What We Can Do For You

Our clients include international schools, preschools, primary and secondary schools in the South East Asia region. Capitalising on the renowned Singapore education system, our clients are expanding internationally to countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and UK. Our consultants help to look into your school’s needs and work with you to design the best learning environment and resources for your students.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Education consultancy
  • Sourcing of education materials
  • Curriculum planning and development
  • Product training for education materials

Our Services