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Targeting Mathematics Textbook 2B


Targeting Mathematics is a series of textbooks and workbooks written based on latest Primary Mathematics Syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

This series supports the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach and learning experiences in the teaching of mathematics- making maths fun and relevant for children. Through their learning experiences, pupils can understand mathematical concepts effectively, acquire the skills for everyday use, build confidence and foster interest  in Mathematics.

Key Features

  1. Lets Talk About..
    Get pupils ready for the mathematical concepts that will be taught. Teachers will facilitate the discussion and get pupils to talk about the picture of video of it.
  2. See and Learn
    Introduce concepts in a visual manner to which students can relate. Pictorial representations provide pupils with a real-world connection from which they can further develop and understand the concepts on a abstract level.
  3. Do and Learn
    Enable pupils to check their understanding of Mathematical concepts through doing exercises.
  4. Hands-on Activity
    Encourage pupils to use manipulatives in activities to promote understanding of mathematical concepts.
  5. Self-Check
    Help pupils reflect and self-assess their learning.
  6. Pair and Share
    Provide opportunities for pupils to work in pairs to assess their learning.
  7. Show and Say
    Allow pupils to communicate and share what they have learnt with  their classmates.
  8. Play and Learn
    Engage pupils and reinforce their grasp of mathematical concepts through games and activities.
  9. Let's Think Along
    Encourage pupils to think and reason along as they attempt the activities or exercises.
  10. IT Activity
    Enable pupils to show what they have learnt or done using another platform.

 For Primary 2 / Grade 2 / Year 2 / 8 years old


  1. More Word Problems
  2. Fractions
  3. Shapes, Solid Figures and Patterns
  4. Time
  5. Money
  6. Volume
  7. Picture Graphs

Number of Pages: 132

For more, see Singapore Primary Curriculum.

  1. Textbooks (A/B)
  2. Workbooks (A/B , Part 1/2)
  3. Student's Companion (A/B)
  4. Teachers' Notes and Guide (Not for sale)

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