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Discovering Mathematics Workbook 4 (2nd Edition)


Discovering Mathematics (2nd Edition) is a series designed for the students in secondary schools and approved by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, for the latest secondary Mathematics syllabus. The series prepares students for the Singapore Cambridge O-Level examinations, and guides students to understand and internalise mathematical concepts and apply them in real-life.

Each workbook is written as a supplement to textbook to give students more practice in applying the concepts learnt. Students may refer to the summary of the important concepts in each chapter of the textbook for a quick review before attempting the questions in the workbook. After completing the exercises, students will not only polish their own analytical skills, but also develop a stronger foundation in Mathematics.

Key features:

  1. Questions
    The questions in each chapter are categorised into Level 1, 2 and 3 according to level of difficulty and thinking skills involved. These questions encourage students to think analytically, reason logically, use appropriate connections between mathematical ideas and apply problem-solving skills in daily life situations. 
    Level 1: Simple questions involving direct application of the concepts
    Level 2: More challenging questions on direct applications
    Level 3: Questions that involve real-life applications, thinking skills or presentation of open-ended answers
  2. Integrated Practices
    Test the students' ability to apply concepts and techniques from various topics
  3. Specimen papers
    Better prepare students for the examinations

For Secondary 4 / Grade 10/ Year 10 / 16 years old

Singapore Curriculum

  1. Set Language
  2. Data Analysis - Measures of Speed
    Integrated Practice 1
  3. Probability
  4. Matrices
  5. Vectors in Two Dimensions
    Integrated Practice 2
  6. Revision Topic 1
    Numbers, Ratio Rate and Proportion
  7. Revision Topic 2
    Percentage and Speed
  8. Revision Topic 3
    Algebraic Manipulation and Formulae
  9. Revision Topic 4
    Functions and Graphs
  10. Revision Topic 5
    Equation and Inequalities
  11. Revision Topic 6
    Set Language and Matrices
  12. Revision Topic 7
    Angles, Polygons, Congruence and Similarity
  13. Revision Topic 8
    Properties of Circles
  14. Revision Topic 9
  15. Revision Topic 10
  16. Revision Topic 11
    Coordinate Geometry and Vectors in Two Dimensions
  17. Revision Topic 12
    Statistics and Probability

  18. Specimen Papers 1-5

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Complete series contain:

  1. Textbook
  2. Workbook
  3. Workbook Solution
  4. Question Bank
  5. Teachers' Guide

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