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New Discovering Mathematics Workbook 1B


New Discovering Mathematics is a series of textbooks written with a learner-centric approach that builds upon the knowledge and skills learnt in primary school. It is based on the latest O-level Mathematics syllabus implemented from 2020 by the Ministry of Education of Singapore.

The emphasis of this series is on empowering students to learn mathematics independently and effectively. Depending on the topics covered, different approaches are used to present different concepts to facilitate students' understanding. 

New Discovering Mathematics is organised into three content strands: Numbers & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement and Statistics & Probability. 

For Secondary 1 / Grade 7 / Year 7 / 13 years old

Singapore Curriculum

  1. Ratio, Rate and Speed

  2. Percentage
    Percentage Change, Reverse Percentage , Practical Situations

  3. Sequences & Number Patterns
    Involving Geometric Figures

  4. Linear Functions & Graphs
    Cartesian Coordinates, Concepts of Linear Functions & Graphs

  5. Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
    Paralleograms, Trapeziums and Composite Plane Figures

  6. Volume and Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders
    Views, Nets

  7. Data Handling
    Collecting, Organising and Representing

Complete series contain:

  1. Textbooks (A/B)
  2. Workbook (A/B)
  3. Teachers' Guide (outside Singapore only)

The other levels will be progressively released yearly.