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Dimensions Mathematics Common Core Workbook 7A


Each workbook is written as a supplement to the textbook, Dimensions Math®, to give students more practice in applying the concepts learned. Students may refer to the summary of the important concepts in each chapter of the textbook for a quick review before attempting the questions in the workbook. After completing the exercises, students will not only polish their own analytical skills, but also develop a stronger foundation in mathematics.

The questions in each workbook chapter are categorized into 4 parts according to the level of difficulty and the thinking skills involved:

  • Basic Practice: simple questions that drill comprehension of concepts
  • Further Practice: harder questions that involve direct applications
  • Challenging Practice: questions that require synthesis ability
  • Enrichment: questions that demand higher order thinking

These questions encourage students to think analytically, reason logically, use appropriate connections between mathematical ideas, and apply problem-solving skills in daily life situations. 

Workbook Solutions provide all detailed worked solutions to questions in workbook.

Chapter 1: Factors and Multiples

Chapter 2: Real Numbers

Chapter 3: Introduction to Algebra

Chapter 4: Algebraic Manipulation

Chapter 5: Simple Equations in One Variable

Chapter 6: Ratio, Rate, and Speed

Chapter 7: Percentage

Chapter 8: Angles, Triangles, and Quadrilaterals

Complete series contain:

  1. Textbooks (A & B) - Soft cover
  2. Workbooks (A & B)
  3. Workbook Solutions (A & B)
  4. Teacher's Notes & Solutions ( A & B)
  5. Levels 6 - 8