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New Discovering Mathematics Workbook 3A


Key Features:

  1. Checklist: highlights essential skills and knowledge required to solve mathematical problems and allow students to monitor and self-assess proficiencies attained for each chapter. Related questions are identified for practice work. This aims to aid students to get the learning pace and make adjustment according to their own progress

  2. Word toolbox: provides examples to recall mathematical terms introduced in the textbook

  3. Pop quiz: check students’ understanding of what they have practiced and their progression for the chapter

  4. Progress Tracker: is designed to allow students to have hands-on experience in the latest examination structure and question-types

No. of pages: 284


Chapter 1 More About Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Functions

  • Solving Quadratic equations by completing the square
  • Solving Quadratic equations by Quadratic Formula
  • Solving Quadratic equations by graphical method
  • Solving Fractional equations that can be reduced to quadratic equations
  • Solving real world problem involving quadratic equations
  • sketching the graphs of quadratic functions
  • POP QUIZ 1A &B

Chapter 2 More About Linear inequalities

  • Notations and basic properties of inequalities
  • Simultaneous Linear Inequalities
  • Application of simultaneous linear inequalities

Chapter 3 Indices

  • Positive integer indices and laws of indices
  • zero and negative integer indices
  • Fractional Indices
  • Solving equation involving indices
  • standard form
  • application of indices to compound interest
  • POP QUIZ 3

Chapter 4 Coordinate Geometry

  • Gradient of a Straight line
  • Equation of a Straight line
  • Length of a line segments
  • geometric problems involving the use of coordinates
  • POP QUIZ 4

Chapter 5 Function and graphs

  • Graph of power functions 
  • graph of exponential functions
  • gradient of curves
  • graphs of simple sums of power functions
  • graph in practical situations
  • POP QUIZ 5

Chapter 6 Conditions of Congruence and Similarity

  • Congruence Tests
  • Similarity Tests
  • Ratio of areas of similar plane figure
  • Ratio of volume of similar solids
  • perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors and scale drawing
  • POP QUIZ 6

Complete series contain:

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  2. Workbooks (A/B)