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Think! Mathematics Secondary Workbook 2A (8th Ed)


think! Mathematics workbooks are specially designed to complement the textbooks as you acquire mathematical concepts and skills.

Key features

  • Questions that connect ideas within mathematics and between mathematics and the sciences through applications of mathematics are included to allow you to better appreciate mathematics
  • Challenging questions require you to apply thinking, reasoning and metacognitive skills.
  • Open-ended questions reinforce comprehension and encourage reflection through the construction and analysis of possible answers
  • A Mid-year Checkpoint or an End-of-year Checkpoint consolidates the concepts covered in the textbook, and is useful for assessing your learning and identifying areas that require further practice.


  • 27 worksheets
  • 7 review exercise
  • 2 midyear checkpoint
  • Answer key

Number of pages: 156

  1. Linear Graph and Simultaneous linear equation
  • Equation of straight lines
  • Graphs of linear equations in the form ax + by = k
  • Solving simultaneous linear equations using graphical method
  • Solving simultaneous linear equations using algebraic method
  • Applications of simultaneous equation in real world context


  1. Linear inequalities
  • Simple inequalities
  • Solving simple linear inequalities
  • Solving problems involving linear inequalities

  1. Expansion and factorisation of algebraic expressions
  • Addition and subtraction of quadratic expressions
  • Expansion of algebraic expressions of the form (a + b ) (c + d)
  • Expansion of quadratic expressions
  • Factorisation of algebraic expression into the form (a + b)(c + d)

  1. Expansion and factorisation using special algebraic identities
  • Expansion using special algebraic identities
  • Factorisation using special algebraic identities

  1. Quadratic Equations and Graphs
  • Solving quadratic equations by factorisation
  • Quadratic function and graphs

  1. Algebraic fractions and formulae
  • Algebraic fractions
  • Multiplication and division of algebraic fractions
  • Addition and subtraction of algebraic fractions
  • Solving equations involving algebraic fractions
  • Manipulation of algebraic formulae

  1. Direct and inverse proportions
  • Direct Proportion
  • Algebraic and graphical representations of direct proportion
  • Other forms of direct proportion
  • Inverse proportion
  • Algebraic and graphical representation of inverse proportion
  • Other forms of inverse proportion

Complete series contain:

  1. Textbook
  2. Workbook