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Think! Mathematics Secondary Workbook 3B (8th Ed)


think! Mathematics workbooks are specially designed to complement the textbooks as you acquire mathematical concepts and skills. This workbook complements the textbook for additional practice.

Key features

  • Questions that connect ideas within mathematics and between mathematics and the sciences through applications of mathematics are included to allow you to better appreciate mathematics
  • Challenging questions require you to apply thinking, reasoning and metacognitive skills.
  • Open-ended questions reinforce comprehension and encourage reflection through the construction and analysis of possible answers
  • A Mid-year Checkpoint or an End-of-year Checkpoint consolidates the concepts covered in the textbook, and is useful for assessing your learning and identifying areas that require further practice.

ISBN: 9789813333918

No. of pages: 160

Weight: 390g


  1. Further Trigonometry
  • Sine and cosine of obtuse angles
  • Area of a triangle
  • Sine Rule
  • Cosine Rule
  1. Applications of Trigonometry
  • Angles of elevation and depression
  • Bearings
  • Three-dimensional problems
  1. Arc Length, Area of Sector and Radian Measure
  • Arc Length
  • Area of a sector
  • Radian measure
  • Arc length and rea of a sector using radian measure
  1. Congruence and Similarity Tests
  • Bisectors and scale drawings
  • Congruence Tests
  • Similarity Tests
  • Applications of congruent and similar triangles
  1. Area and Volume of Similar Figures and Solids
  • Area of similar figures
  • Volume of similar solids
  1. Geometrical Properties of Circles
  • Symmetric properties of circles
  • Angle properties of circles

Complete series contain:

  1. Textbook
  2. Workbook